Sizzling Sicily

September 29th, 2009

Just got back from a great trip to Naples and Sicily (easy flying to Naples, over night ferry to Palermo then flying back from Palermo). Photo highlights below, but see the full gallery.

Killer pizza from da Michele – the original Neopolitan pizza (now we know where Franco Manca got their formula..). We had to queue, but it was worth the wait:
Killer pizza from da Michele

We visited Pompeii which was great. I’ve never seen anything so old. Sunset views were stunning:
Pompeii at sunset

It rained a lot during out Pompeii / Vesuvius visit. I liked this umbrella though, which we saw as we came out of the Forum in Pompeii.
Excellent umbrella in Pompeii

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  1. 1Kazzart
    January 6th, 2010 @ 22:46

    Nice blog. I like wordpress too. And I’m impressed with your implementation of gallery 2 – I kinda gave up halfway thru upgrading/importing from gallery v1. :) Maybe I should give it another go..

    Anyway enough tangent – just wanted to comment on your naples experience.. I’ve been to Naples also and the pizza has forever altered my perception of what pizza should really taste like! I also went to Da Michele being told by some friends about it here, but I’ve realised it’s actually a bit of a tourist trap. See, before Da Michele, I happened on a random local pizzeria outside the tourist zone in north Napoli on Riviera di Chiaia (called Salvatore alla Riviera) and it was a 100 times better than Da Michele. So good that we diverted our drive back from Amalfi to Rome and tackled crazy napolitan driving just to eat there again!

    Anyway, nice photos! :)

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